So, there I was, all alone with two kids and a 14 hour flight ahead. My fellow passengers looked at me with eyes filled of well known horror – would my kids destroy the whole flight? I felt the smell of sweat, realizing it was from me. Carrying all that equipment while struggling to, as smoothly as I could, guiding my toddler and my baby through the security check had created two obvious wet spots under the arms.

There and then I made a decision. I promised myself to make a site for all mothers (and fathers) flying with small kids, toddlers, babies. Maybe this site can even help someone flying with a pet, what do I know…

When I am not taking care of my two sons and my husband, I work as a journalist. And besides my big interest in globetrotting, I love to read, visit museums and watch well made movies.

So here you go. I hope my experience from my so far 14 (and counting) flights across the ocean, accompanied by one or two kids, will help you to prepare. And take heart, all you travelers, there are things you can do that can keep both you and your fellow passengers happy. I would also like to stress that different airlines have different rules on what they allow you to carry on board. Since that can change from time to other, make sure that you always check with them before trying to carry something on board.

By the way, if this has helped you in any way, I would greatly appreciate to hear from you. Maybe you have some ideas that I have missed? Tell me! You can reach me at tinyglobetrotters@gmail.com

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