Calling all globetrotters: Keep track of your adventures!

One thing I always regret is that I have not kept a good track on all my journeys. During my youth I traveled around most part of Europe, and in my 20′s I explored Asia and Northern Africa. But exactly when I visited Ukraine, and what month I was in Tadzhikistan I do not know.

Explore the world with the kidsThis weekend my kids will make sure they will not have the same dilemma when they are grown-ups. I found a nice map over USA at Target for 5 dollars, and on it we will pin down notes with dates on for when we visited different places. I also bought a map over the world at Borders going out of business sale.

I know there are really good places to do this digitally, but I like the idea of my kids pinning this map. That will – I hope – keep up the excitement for future travels with mom and dad.

About Caroline

I am a proud mother of two toddlers, living in Texas. I have been a globetrotter since childhood, and decided to continue with that despite all the hassle that comes with traveling with small kids. My opinion is that every kid benefits from exploring new cultures and seeing different places. So far, my passport has stamps from India, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France and Greece. When flying is not an option, me and my family take the car out for a road trip, exploring the adventurous USA.
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  1. Pilar says:

    This is a wonderful idea. I’m going to do the same. Thanks!

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