Social Butterfly in the Sky?

Almost every flight I have been to, there has been other moms with kids. I once got stuck at Newark for a couple of hours, and it was a blessing to be able to share toys with another mom – both her and my kid got distracted by playing with someone else toys.

It is not hard to make new friends. Pay someone a compliment on their diaper bag, or even better, on their cute kid. Works every time. Start at the gate – often they let all families with smaller children board earlier, which means you already have something in common! And while we are at it, make sure to ask at the check-in if they will let you on earlier with the kids. I love not having to stand in that waiting line, it takes one stress moment away from the day.

About Caroline

I am a proud mother of two toddlers, living in Texas. I have been a globetrotter since childhood, and decided to continue with that despite all the hassle that comes with traveling with small kids. My opinion is that every kid benefits from exploring new cultures and seeing different places. So far, my passport has stamps from India, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France and Greece. When flying is not an option, me and my family take the car out for a road trip, exploring the adventurous USA.
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