Newborns On the Go – and Some Words on Medication On Board

My youngest son was 5 weeks old when he first flew. Since I had done a lot of flying with the older one, I was not too nervous about it. However, I had made sure to get the GO from our pediatrician ahead, and I strongly advice you to talk to yours about flying. I was recommended to bring some medication with me, since it was a long flight, but since I am only a journalist and not a ped myself, I will not advice on such things. But I suggest that you ask your pediatrician if there are any medications he would suggest you bring with you on the travel. Especially if you are planning to stay away for awhile.

Also, check with your airline which regulations are in effect when it comes to fluid (yes, medicine in fluid counts). Sometimes they want you to have a prescription printed on the bottle, to make sure it is for you or your kid.

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The Day Before the Flight

Even though your flight is a short one, it can still be challenging for the kids to stay at a limited space. The car trip to the airport, waiting in lines, waiting at gates, flying and so on – together it can add up to quite some hours.

I make sure my kids go to a park or a playground the day before the flight. A lot of running, a lot of climbing – that keeps their spirits up the next day. And it makes my flight easier as well. But it means I have to pack one day earlier. Which turns out to be quite good – even grown ups feel good playing in the park the day before the flight =).

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Traveling with infants, part 2

I cannot tell you good things enough about Baby Bjorn’s carrying system. It has saved me many times on board the aircraft (where you do not have the stroller). I have had good use of them otherwise as well, but they have really saved my back and helped me put both my boys to sleep.

Get one. It is worth every dollar.

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Sign up for airline rewards program

Do not loose any of the goodies you get by flying – make sure both you and your kids subscribes to the airline program. I like to to this before I fly, since I know it is stressful enough to remember it at the check-in.

This year, me and my kids only payed roughly 1500 dollars for our flight, since we could use our rewards to buy two of our tickets. You see, you can still use your reward points towards a new flight, even though it is not totally enough. And if you only have a few rewards points, then you can use them for something else, like getting a subscription on a Magazine. Check the web page of the company you are flying with.

Now, that is sweet!

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Planning for that 14 hour flight

In a little less than two months, I will take me 3-year old together with the 6-year old, and head for Europe. The flight is 14 hours long, but that does not bother me any more. I know what I need to keep both us and time fly smoothly.

I have started my packing-list. The refrigerator is a perfect place to put it, I can always jot down things I come to think of. (By the way, do not miss to check the “Do-not-forget-list” under Preparing for the flight).

One of my best tricks for the flight? I always bring 3-4 wrapped toys – they get one for every flight and one when we get to the destination. Keeps their hope up =). But you do not have to go for the expensive ones at all. A book from Half Price works well. And if you are like me, you could head to Amazon and get some great books. Look for books for children about the place you are traveling to, or check out our favorites:

- The Flying Hockey Stick. For that crazy imagination time Рkeeps you and your kids fantasizing  for a while.

- How full is your bucket. I love this book! I even brought it to my son’s teacher and she read it for the class.

- Bedtime for mommy. My kids love this cute story. It’s about a girl that is putting her mom to bed. And it is funny too!

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I hope that you will find ideas and information that can help you plan and prepare for your travel. Almost every time I fly, I meet other parents about to board their flights almost in a state of panic. And I understand, I felt the same thing the first time I flew with my then six months old baby.

But take courage in this fact: there are things that you can do to prepare for a successful flight. I hope that this site will help you and your kids get the best flight experience ever.

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