Direct from the airplane – with fresh ideas for your next flight

I just got back from Europe with my two kids. You learn something new every flight, and this time I would like to start sharing the following :

- Continental has great entertainment for kids (and I am NOT being payed to say so). I loved the screen that included kids movies, short programs and even games. I could sleep twice, something I have never been able to do while traveling alone with the kids!

- To sit in the back in a 777 is not bad. Not bad at all, that is. We had no one behind us, could flip the chairs and had only three steps to the rest room. That will be my favorite place from now on.

- Switching flights in London was a hassle, to say the least. We had not received boarding passes for our connecting flight, the custom procedure took for ever, and though I had two hours to get from one gate to the next, we almost missed the plane. Sic!

- We left early in the morning, so I had made some sandwiches for the kids to eat on the airplane. Was prepared to have to leave them at the custom, but that was no problem whatsoever to bring them on board. Since I also had bought some juice at the gate, the kids had a great breakfast on the airplane without emptying my wallet. By the way, remember that there are strict regulations regarding bringing food from one country to another, so if your kids does not finish the picnic you might as well leave the leftovers on board.



About Caroline

I am a proud mother of two toddlers, living in Texas. I have been a globetrotter since childhood, and decided to continue with that despite all the hassle that comes with traveling with small kids. My opinion is that every kid benefits from exploring new cultures and seeing different places. So far, my passport has stamps from India, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France and Greece. When flying is not an option, me and my family take the car out for a road trip, exploring the adventurous USA.
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